5 Best Day Tours To Yangmingshang In Taipei To Book In 2024

There are many things you can see in the impressive Yangmingshan. This post shares the best day tours to Yangmingshan, so you can get the best experience from your trip.

Is It Necessary To Join Day Tours To See The Nature Attractions At Yangmingshan?

Yes, especially if you want to get the most from your trip.

Unlike some hiking trails in Taipei are accessible easily by metro, it takes more than one hour from door to door for the one-way trip to Yangmingshan.

The commuting time is longer if you miss the bus or train connection. Also, some tours include guided tours where the guide shows you the hidden gems!

If you only have a few days in Taipei but want to see nature, it’s best to participate in a guided tour to save time and get the best from your trip.

Best Day Trips To Yangmingshan

Here are the best day tours to join for visiting Yangmingshan!

Private Yangmingshan Volcano Tour

Yangmingshan (陽明山) is one of the must-visit places to explore nature in Taipei since there are many things to see: waterfalls, hiking, a hot spring, and a volcano!

Most people visit Yangmingshan for hiking and hot spring, but only a few know it has a volcano!

Don’t panic; there’s been no volcanic activity for over 100 years. However, Yangmingshan is still worth visiting for its unique and breathtaking view of the post-volcanic geological park – Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑) and Qingtiangang (擎天岡) Hiking Trails.

Best day tours to Yangmingshan Qingtiangang Hiking Trails
Qingtiangang (擎天岡) Hiking Trails for all ages!

The tour moved at a good pace, and we got to see so many amazing things–water buffalo, volcanic crater, fumaroles, hot springs, etc. Definitely recommend if you are looking to get away from Taipei for an easy day trip.

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This half-day tour includes all the essential spots at Yangmingshan with high ratings from past guests.

If you wish to stay longer at Yangmingshan, join this day tour.

Private Taipei Yangmingshan Half-Day Hiking Tour

Qixing Mountain (七星山) is 1,120 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in Taipei City.

If you want to challenge yourself, be sure to visit Qixing Mountain!

We visited Qixing Mountain (七星山) in February 2022. It was cold and windy. The visibility was low!

We went to Qixing Mountain in February 2022 but found hiking pretty dangerous.

It was a fun and enjoyable tour with my friends. The tour guide is so helpful I everywhere, also even take care all things! Really thumbs up for awesome service and hospitality:)

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If you travel to Taiwan in Winter or are unsure if you can finish the trail yourself, we highly recommend visiting there with a professional guide. This tour has an experienced guide who guides you to complete the hiking trail.

Yangmingshan National Park and Yehliu Geopark

You only have one day to explore nature in Taipei, but don’t want to miss the best nature scenes in Taipei?

Had a great and enjoyable trip. Our guide/driver (Ted) was fantastic and knowledgeable. Even help us to take wonderful pictures and imprompt stops along the way to the various destinations for us to experience the beauty of the local settings and lifestyle. Recommended lots of good food and places that are offbeat from the standard tourist spots. Great experience and wonderful companion.

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This tour has the best nature places in Taipei; it takes you to the famous Yehliu Geopark and visits the Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑) and Qingtiangang (擎天岡) Hiking Trails.

Private Yangmingshan & Beitou Tour

If you travel in a group, whether you are with your family or friends, taking a private tour is a good idea.

Private tours can customize your experience, and can stay a bit longer at certain spots if you like.

It is clear she has a wealth of knowledge on all things Taiwan. The guide is funny and has great insider stories to share. On an extremely busy day, she navigated Yangmingshun really well. We got to see a few really cool places that seemed like hidden gems as no once else was there (I won’t give away her secrets).

Joshua (read more reviews)

This private tour can take infants with you and pick the guests up from multiple places. The guide does not bring you to the attraction; he/she also guides you at each attraction and shows you the secret spots in Yangmingshan & Beitou.

Conclusion: Best Day Tours To Yangmingshang

Yangmingshan is one of the must-visit places in Taipei, so it’s important to choose a great tour to experience the most from it.

We hope you find this post helpful!

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