Top 5 Metro-Friendly Hiking Trails In Taipei

Taipei is a perfect place for hiking, and some hiking trails in Taipei are accessible by public transportation. Here are the top hiking trails you can visit easily by metro (MRT).

Is Hiking Worth It In Taipei?

Yes, and not just Taipei; it’s worth it also in any city in Taiwan.

People in Taiwan love hiking, and walking with family and friends on weekends is common. For many people, they grow up hiking with their families. It’s also common to see older people.

The hiking trails we shared in this post are beginner friendly. In addition, the hiking trails are also nicely organized and maintained. If you’ve never hiked before or seldom do it, Taipei is a great place to try it.

Are Hiking Trails In Taipei Kids-Friendly?

Yes, not just kids-friendly, but also elderly-friendly.

You can hike as much as you can, and if you need some rest, there are some benches on the way to have a small rest. Just take your time.

Things To Know Before Your Trip

Here are some kind reminders for your (first) hiking trip in Taipei

  • Get your EasyPass or Fun Taipei Pass before you go!
  • Bring a bottle of water and some food; you will need them!
  • Travel light and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Mosquitoes are annoying, especially in late Spring and Summer; wearing the proper clothing to protect your skin from bites.
  • Visit these hiking trails on the weekday to avoid the crowd.

Hiking Trails Near Metro Stations In Taipei

There are a lot of places to see nature in Taipei, but some are challenging to reach.

Here is the list of hiking trails you can reach by taking the metro in Taipei.

Elephant Mountain

Taipei city view from Elephant Mountain
The amazing view from Elephant Mountain

🚆Xiangshan Station (象山站) ; 👣 1.5 Kilometers; ⏱️ 100 Minutes; 🌟 Easy

The most popular hiking trail among tourists because you get the best view over Xinyi District, where Taipei 101 locates. Most people have a day trip, including visiting Elephant Mountain, Taipei 101, and dining at Din Tai Feng.

Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail (Xiangshan;象山步道) is near Xiangshan Station (象山站). You only need to walk 10-15 minutes to reach the hiking trail.

It’s a stepped hiking trail, and it might be steep for some, but as we mentioned, take your time, and you will reach the top.

As Taipei’s most popular hiking trail, it is possible to hike in the evening. The hiking trail is equipped with lights, so you can walk easily.

You can take three other trails, but the most popular one is the Xiangshan/Elephant mountain trail. If you love hiking, you can spend the whole day here! After the hiking, you can visit Taipei 101 or MaoKong.

Jinmian Mountain

Amazing view when reaching the top of Jinmian Mountain in Taipei, one of the metro-friendly hiking trails in Taipei

🚆Xihu Station (西湖站); 👣 3 Kilometers; ⏱️ 100 Minutes; 🌟🌟 Moderate

Jinmian Mountain Hiking Trail (金面山親山步道) is near Xihu Metro Station. It only takes 11 minutes of walking to reach the trail.

It became popular because of the robust photos on social media.

One of the popular hiking trails in Taipei since hikers can enjoy the breathtaking view at the top. However, it is challenging for some in the last part of the trail since you need to walk on the rocks.

Jiantan Shan

View from Jiantan Shan, a nice place for your trip in Taipei.

🚆 Jiantan Station; 👣 3.3 Kilometers; ⏱️ 60 Minutes; 🌟 Easy

If you want to see airplanes flying in the sky and have a great view over the Taipei city line, Jiantan Shan Hiking Trail (劍潭山親山步道) is your top choice.

The hiking trail is just 8 minutes walking distance away from Jiantan Metro Station. If you’ve been to Elephant Mountain already, try Jiantan Shan Hiking Trail, you won’t regret it!

After the trip, you can visit Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) or Taiwan National Palace Museum (國立故宮博物館) to end your day.


You can take also pictures when reaching the top of the mountain.

🚆Shipai Station (石牌站) ; 👣 3 Kilometers; ⏱️ 30 Minutes; 🌟 Easy

Junjianyan (軍艦岩) is one of the popular Instagram hiking places in Taipei.

Unlike Jinmian Mountain (金面山), Junjianyan is easier to hike if you want to take nice pictures.

However, if you want to visit Junjianyan Hiking Trail (軍艦岩步道), first you need to walk through National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (楊明交通大學) campus. The hiking trail is 22 minutes walking distance away from Shipai Metro Station.

After the hiking, you can visit Shipai Night Market (石牌美食商圈), which is very popular among the locals. We love the pan-fried stuffed bun; it’s our favorite!

Hemei Mountain

Look over the beautiful lake!

🚆 Xindian (新店) Station; 👣 4 Kilometers; ⏱️ 60 Minutes 🌟 Easy

If you want to avoid the busy city vibe, we advise you to visit Hemei Mountain Hiking Trai (美和山步道). It’s located near Bitan (碧潭) and 20-minutes walking distance away from the Xindian (新店) metro station.

You have a charming lake view once you get to the top. The view is fantastic and much more relaxing. Bitan (碧潭) means green lake; you walk past the lake on the way to the hiking trail.

After the hiking, you can walk around the lake and grab food near the Indian (新店) metro station.

Best Hiking Trails Near Metro Station Conclusion

There are many hiking trails in Taipei, but this list is an excellent start to arranging your trip to Taipei.

Feel free to share your experience and other ideas about hiking in Taipei. We love to hear from you!

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